about otto&otta

“It all started with jewels. Not because, as the saying goes, a diamond is forever”. I liked the idea of always keeping Otto&Otta (my kids) with me, with their smiling faces. That is how I started drawing little faces that reminded me of my children. Then I went on with jewels: pendants first, to be worn around your neck or wrist with the colourful “keep me” ribbon.  A lucky charm, I thought. Other ideas followed one after the other: earrings, bracelets, rings. Supported by the enthusiasm of my friends first and shops and clients after, my adventure became a project which took lots of energy, passion, perseverance and tenacity over the years. Today, I am proudly fully dedicating myself to a dream, otto&otta®, which finally became true.
otto&otta® is a love mark: a coloured and basic design for a 925 pure silver handcrafted jewellery collection. All products are 100% made in Italy after the Italian silversmith’s antique art. Still, the creativity, the inspiration, the enthusiasm and the commitment to the project are made in Rotterdam, where life brought me in 2014.
otto&otta® design is colourful, simple, immediate. Top-quality material, high-standard manufacture and the utmost attention to detail are the main ingredients of our products. Needless to say,  that brand is environment-friendly.
otto&otta’s smiling faces are engraved on pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings to encourage us to keep smiling. Away with grey and dark thoughts, let’s think green like nature, yellow as the sun and red like a big love. otto&otta® is a hymn to joy and a positive approach to life.
otto&otta® is suitable for everyone! It is the perfect gift on all occasions: a new birth, an anniversary, an engagement, a birthday, on Valentine’s Day, on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, but also to give ourselves or a friend a treat and a reminder that “happiness is a choice“.


otto&otta® is handmade in Arezzo, Italy. Any slight inaccuracy or defect is proof of the authenticity of the handicraft production: from the design to the fusion, from the shaping to the final polishing. As well, the limited amount of stock is due to a limited capacity of production which, as a choice, we want artisanal and selected.