about us

carolinacarolina isola momigliano
Otto&otta’s full-time mum combines her love for both her living and logotype children with her creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance. She nourishes this project feeding it with the best ingredients in the continuous search for perfection. She believes in happiness, and her motto is: a smile is forever.

claudioclaudio momigliano 
Otto&otta’s father, a perfect husband and the biggest otto&otta’s supporter. With passion, motivation and care, he keeps the ship’s wheel in the right direction, always looking at the bright side of life.


riccardoriccardo sezzi
A life devoted to the aesthetics of things. A concept designer and product manager, he was brought up on marketing and communication. He believes in love marks and knows that otto&otta® talk to the buyer’s heart. He knows some objects do have a soul, and otto&otta® products certainly have one.

tottototto renna
Otto&otta’s virtual dad. Artist, illustrator, graphic designer, he works with new media agencies, publishing companies, film studios. His pixel style inspiration contributed to the success of his one-man exhibitions in Italy and abroad and made his work an absolute point of reference for the pixel-design world.