otto&otta® is a 925 pure silver handcrafted jewellery collection. It is 100% made in Italy, after the Italian silversmith’s antique art. All otto&otta® jewels are solid and durable. They are made to last and  they are easy to wear.
otto&otta® presents a colourful and basic design with happy and  smiley subjects, high quality material, utmost attention to detail and is environment friendly.
otto&otta® is a simple approach to life, a pure and joyful smile, a positive feeling to share with your friends and family.
otto&otta’s smiling faces are engraved on pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings: they encourage us to keep smiling.
otto&otta® is suitable for everyone! Kids, the young and the not so young, parents and grandparents, it is the perfect gift on all occasions: a new birth, an anniversary, an engagement, on Valentine’s Day, on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, but also to give ourselves a treat.
Any slight inaccuracy or defect is proof of the authenticity of the handicraft production: from the design to the fusion, from the shaping to the final polishing. 


carolinacarolina isola momigliano
41, otto&otta’s full time mother, combines her love for both her living and her logotyped children with her inventiveness, manual skill and application. she try to make good use of her previous working experience in communication so that she will see her children grow up in the world…

claudioclaudio momigliano 
50 years old, otto&otta’s father and a good husband. a maritime broker, he devotes himself to otto&otta® with passion. he is confident in this project and he knows he will see positive results coming from it.

riccardoriccardo sezzi
a life devoted to the aesthetics of things. a concept designer and a product manager, he was brought up on marketing and communication. he’s taking part in the otto&otta® project because he believes in love marks, that is products that talk to the buyer’s heart. he says some objects do have a soul: otto&otta® products certainly have one.

tottototto renna
47, otto&otta’s virtual dad. an artist, an illustrator, a graphic designer, he works with newmedia agencies, publishing companies, film studios. he is also a painter whose pixel style inspiration contributed to the success of his one man exhibitions in Italy and abroad.