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New smiles are coming into the world ..

Imagine passion, design, simplicity, love, happiness and lot of work. Add the maximum attention to the detail, to the material used, to the message you want to pass over ..

Mix everything with pure silver 925 and the worldwide renowned expertise of Arezzo’s silversmith .. Finish it with rhodium and season with joy and optimism.

A new smile has come into the world to last forever

Make it yours 🙂


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Because I Love you Mum

You’re so special, you’re so beautiful, you make me sooo happy!! Sometimes I tried to hate you, but it was impossible. I wanted to be different even though I was looking at every single gesture of you. You inspired me, you made me think differently. You are my teacher and my guide. You always show me the other side of the coin. You always have the right word at the right moment. You listen to me at anytime: in the middle of the night or in the middle of a meeting; closed into the bathroom at a friend house or  in the caos of a bar when you’re travelling. You are simply there, for me. Always.

You gave me your smile and I want to keep it safe forever.

That’s because I Love you, Mum!

Sunday, May 8th ♥ Mother’s day .. It’s time to give a smile …

(free shipping at until  May 8th – use the coupon LOVEYOUMUM)




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Smiles and stripes ..

Are you looking for the perfect combination to be trendy and cool during spring time ? Shops and magazine say that you must have a striped t-shirt in your closet. We think that you must have a smile in your face (and in your necklace)..

Look at this …

Hootlin 100%
Happiness 100%


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Chocolate vs Smile .. which one is more healthy?

“Smiling stimulates our brain’s reward mechanisms in a way that even chocolate, a well-regarded pleasure-inducer, cannot match.”

I always believed that a pure smile is not only a mechanical movement of lips and eyes (sometime) .. I’m used to smile as much as possible every day and the benefits of this ‘exercise’ were already clear to me .. But today I happily bumped into this Buffer post by Leo Widrich that briefly illustrate what is a smile, how much powerful a pure smile can be for our brain and our healthy .. That’s amazing!

Simply the proof of the pudding!





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Once upon a time in the forest …

Once upon a time in the forest a couple of young friends were experiencing their ability as actors .. They were playing the romantic guy (always very appreciated by the girls), the rebel one, the dreamer and the hunky .. They were imagining themselves in few years: good and happy boys, 1 meter taller,  curious traveller, seeker of adventures and always PROUD TO BE SMILING ..


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May the 2016 be filled of smiles, laughters and love ♡

We wish you a year overflowing with real smiles, positive thoughts, colourful ideas .. Let’s keep the strong optimistic approach  doesn’t matter what it will happen.. Believe in the power of a SMILE .. It’s free, easy to wear, evergreen.. It fits with all outfits, all colours, all seasons .. It’s more shining than a red glossy lipstick and it can really change your look and your day … May the 2016 be filled of SMILES because a SMILE is forever . Love …newyear2016

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Find your smile @ the International Xmas Market

Just two weeks until Xmas .. The city is dressing up for the occasion: lights, music, decorations and winter markets come alive in every neighbourhood. People work hard to spread the magic atmosphere through events and great deal of initiative. We as well, we want to take part of the contagious game of happiness bringing our evergreen and long-lasting smile to the International Xmas Market organised with passion by Rotterdam Mamas and RISS.

Sunday, from 11 am to 19pm, free entrance and big amusement 🙂

It’s time to be merry, it’s time to smile ..


find more info by clicking here


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Wear your smile and .. be proud of it :-)

One of my friend was wearing Otto’s t-shirt yesterday. He was sitting in the kitchen in front of his 5 years old daughter and he was impressed by the huge smile she constantly had in her face.. After a while he asked her: ‘why are you smiling sweetheart?’ and she answered ‘because your t-shirt is smiling to me’ ..

Don’t forget to wear your smile, it will make the difference in your life and in your dears one.


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Because a smile is better than a diamond :-)

Oh, do you really think that enter in a jewellery and simply buy a diamond is a good idea to make your dears happy?
Why don’t you try before to wake up in the morning with a pure smile on your face and keep it long-lasting all day long?
Than you will see the the light that comes from a smile is much more shining than what you can have with a diamond.