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Because I Love you Mum

You’re so special, you’re so beautiful, you make me sooo happy!! Sometimes I tried to hate you, but it was impossible. I wanted to be different even though I was looking at every single gesture of you. You inspired me, you made me think differently. You are my teacher and my guide. You always show me the other side of the coin. You always have the right word at the right moment. You listen to me at anytime: in the middle of the night or in the middle of a meeting; closed into the bathroom at a friend house or  in the caos of a bar when you’re travelling. You are simply there, for me. Always.

You gave me your smile and I want to keep it safe forever.

That’s because I Love you, Mum!

Sunday, May 8th ♥ Mother’s day .. It’s time to give a smile …

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