silver jewellery care

Would you like to keep your otto&otta® jewel safe forever?
Here are a few tips to keep it in perfect shape: 

Store each jewel in separate compartments or in a bags that limit contact, to prevent the materials by becoming dull or scratched. Jewels of different materials often require different care.

It is advisable to remove the jewellery when using creams or detergents because the residues of these substances could cause premature wear of the metal.

Silver is a metal subject to oxidation, especially if placed in contact with seawater, chlorine water, sweat, perfumes or objects containing sulfur (plastic rubber bands, for example). Every once in a while, wash your jewellery by immersing it in a basin of hot water with mild detergent. You can also use specific products to polish silver, taking care to dry your jewel well with a soft cloth afterwards.

Always remember to dry your jewels well after washing them, because humidity can also cause oxidation.

The enamel pinky rings can be washed with mild soap or detergent, soaking them in luck warm for 5’minutes before accurately rinsing and drying them. To clean the interior, we suggest the use of an old toothbrush.